"Ronnie Nells' musical talent is the future of music…"

"A gentleman beyond his years with a voice that evokes feelings of love and adoration in even the coldest of hearts…" 

"Undeniable talent and unforgettable stage  presence. "


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, loving.       


For the past 10 years, Ronnie Nells has refined his craft and musicianship. The result of his labors is a string of successful US performances, to audience and critical acclaim.      


With a voice hauntingly familiar, yet superior to his musical peers in R&B today, and a list of influences ranging from Marvin Gaye to Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Ronnie Nells possesses a diverse and versatile singing and writing style. "Growing up, it wasn't strange to hear Curtis Mayfield and America back to back," said Nells. "And I pride myself in cultivating that same open-mindedness in my own sound." The pride of a bi-racial couple, Nells grew up contending with the racial undertones of American society in general coupled with the color classification that pervades much of African American society while seeking his own identity and a place in the sepia hues of a black-and-white world. Nells draws from such experiences as his inspiration to tell the stories that become the subjects of his art. "I find the emotion to sing inside the memories of all of my relationships whether good or bad, and to embrace my warm recollections of people that have passed on. I don't know if that is just taking lemons and making lemonade, but it seems to be my own brand of therapy," Nells said, laughing. 

As a songwriter, Nells constantly runs to wit and wordplay as the tools to catch the ear. Considering himself much the prose first - poetry later type of writer, Nells continues to surpass previous verses as his pen matures, in content as well as character. As a vocalist, Nells finds melodies that, once laid, seem to have been hidden inside tracks. Always willing to experiment with pitch and harmony, Nells is defining himself as a free-flowing entity as well as a reputable artist. The definition of any artist is more a process than a grouping of words. And Ronnie Nells gives the world the opportunity to watch as he defines himself.  In an industry where the hot commodity is constantly changing, Nells is pushing the envelope and steadily avoiding the "pigeon hole" or "cookie cutter" method of classifying an artist, as he bends the branches and braids the vines of the always-growing tree of music, giving you something different, something you need to hear.